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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Very busy day, but SO FUN!

I finished "Debbie's Daisies" today - a very special piece!

Debbie's Daisies

It dawned on me the other night; I also remembered something Mary said at the end of the workshop about my progressive glasses!  I forgot to change to my non-progressive glasses for the demo, so it could have been brighter.  I brightened the highlights in four spots on the painting, and NOW it's finished, and framed!

Cup Alla Prima

Then, I started the Cupcake painting!  I actually started it twice; the first canvas had some kind of weird flaw in it so I tossed it out and started over.  I got the first layer of paint on; it was a special, very decadent, many-caloried, gooey kind of cupcake!


After that, I went to Kennedy Gallery and worked there for a while.  It was pretty slow, but there is always the art to study; being around old art as well as new art is pretty cool!

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