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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Much Better!

2nd Saturday at Kennedy Gallery was much better than last Thursday!  It was still pretty warm, but very lovely, nice, fun and exciting evening!  The crowd was heavy, but not too heavy.  The people were serious about art and/or find a piece of art for their home - so fun to talk to people like that!  By the end of the evening I was really getting hoarse!

My painting, "One More Shell" sold - it went to a good home, exactly where it was meant to be!  In case you're wondering, I do still have Limited Edition Prints of that one!

I'll be delivering 19 pieces to Lake Forest Cafe to be decorating the walls there for 2 months!  I'm honored and pleased about that!  My home studio/gallery is depleted to almost none, between here and the Kennedy Gallery!  Darn, I guess that must mean I need to paint some more!!!  LOL

One More Shell

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