Welcome to my Art World! This is where it's all about me! Seriously, this will be a journal of my life in my art world. I'll post my works in progress, talk about my feelings, share my plans, dreams, and goals. Facebook is OK, but here, it's more personal. I hope you enjoy it!

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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Almost November!

Wow, I can hardly believe it's almost November!  I still have a little work to do on my daisies painting, and hope to have another new one ready for 2nd Saturday.  I got a little side-tracked with other stuff for a couple of weeks, but back on track now.

I'm having fun entering art contests online here and there.  I entered three recently: Raymar's, Fine Art Studio Online, and Oil Painters of America.  So far, the first two have ended and I didn't win anything.  The last one ends on November 10th.  It's fun entering these; I love looking at all the entries, as well as the fact that I'm getting exposure by doing it.

I'm a few days behind at the shop but hope to be caught up by the end of the week.  I'm sure to get time to paint too, so that's very very very cool!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Not switching my blog address

I think I'll just keep using this blog address for my blogging.  It's nice, easy to use, and separate from my website.  I'm still planning to use the website newsletter, though, so please go there to subscribe if you haven't already!

I've been entering online art competitions lately - I really enjoy it.  I've never won anything in them, not even an Honorable Mention.  I've never sold anything from doing it.  I just like sharing my art!  I learned long ago that judges' opinions are only opinions, and that Not Winning doesn't mean Not Good!  I do it for the fun of it.  I like seeing my piece on the "entries" page, like looking at the artwork, like reading the judges' critiques.  I've actually gotten visits on my online gallery from the competition sites, so it's given me exposure on other works as well.  I'm hoping I get visits to my new website too now that I have one!

Making Apple Pie hasn't won anything, but it's become my best-selling print, so it's OK that it doesn't win a prize!  It's one of my favorite paintings; the original is in my kitchen, and it always makes me think of my Mom.

I'll be at Kennedy Gallery tomorrow from 3 - 6; my turn to work for the afternoon.  There's lots of art stuff happening down there tomorrow, Art Festivals and Artoberfest!  I think it'll be fun!

Then, I'll be working an extra day there on the 20th, from 11-6, and will bring a painting in progress to work on for the day.  If you're looking for something to do either day, come by and see me!

Just in case I didn't give you my new website address, here it is:  www.jennybriggsart.fineartstudioonline.com

Sunday, October 9, 2011

White Egret

The White Egret is finished; I took it to the gallery yesterday for the 2nd Saturday event.  It was very well received; everyone oohed and aahed - very good for my artist ego!

2nd Saturday was very busy - fun talking to all the art lovers!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Not quitting Facebook

OK, I'm over being mad at facebook!  I figured out how to get my photos back where they belong.  So I'm not going to quit Facebook.  I wonder how many people actually did after this last round of changes.

My Website

I've gotten my new website in pretty good shape now.  The address is www.jennybriggsart.fineartstudioonline.com  if you would like to check it out.  I like it, hope you do too!