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Saturday, January 30, 2010


Wait til you see how the guitar painting will change!  I've been working on it since I posted the first rough draft.  I'm also working on the sketch of the "Goin' Out" painting.  It will be quite large - 36 x 48 - the largest one I've done so far.  Can hardly wait to get started!  So many paintings to do, and so little time!

Monday, January 11, 2010

01-11-10 #2

I just realized today that there were comments (I'm fairly new at this blogging thing), so I responded to those comments.  I really appreciate comments and new followers!

I recently learned that a major publisher is considering publishing my shoe paintings.   I'm flattered and excited to have my work being considered!  In the meantime, though, I'm producing and selling prints myself.  I'm finding that women especially relate to the shoes, as most of us have worn them at one time or another.  As I heard the other day:  "Ah, what price, beauty".


These are the three paintings I entered in the show at Sacramento Fine arts Center in Carmichael, California.  It's a pretty good show, with a diverse selection of media and style, definitely worth seeing.  I was disappointed in the attendance, though.  It was mostly the artists and their friends and families, so I'm wondering if it was advertised well.  Still, any opportunity to show is a good one, and the show will be there through the 30th.

I'm working on two sketches right now for two new paintings, one of the 1959 L5 Gibson guitar, and one of an interior scene.  I have one small painting in progress right now, of a mailbox shaped like a horse.  I'll be sure to post photos....