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Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Shoe Lady

OK, so I guess I AM the Shoe Lady!  I have said I don't want to BE the Shoe Lady.  But in fact I AM the Shoe Lady!  I've decided that's ok, since they do make people smile, which is my main goal for my art.  I'm still going to focus on PAINTED MEMORIES now, but I enjoyed painting the shoes - it WAS fun!   Between the first set of 11 X 14's, and the 8 X 8 pieces for the 20-20 show, I've done 33 paintings of shoes.  I think that's enough for now!  Moving on is ok, it's the way to grow and learn! 

I've decided to release the originals of the first series of shoes, called "Going For The Look", in which there were 7 paintings, all 11 X 14.  I found matching frames, and painted the trim area to match the shoe, so they make a great set.  I'll be bringing them to Kennedy Gallery tomorrow for the June exhibit there.  They are now priced at $695 each.

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