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Sunday, November 6, 2011

2nd Saturday at Kennedy Gallery!

I'm busy working on getting ready for 2nd Saturday at Kennedy Gallery Art Center, still hoping to have the daisies painting ready to take in!  I had a little minor surgery (nothing serious, no worries), which did, however, distract me for about 10 days!  Now I've committed to doing a series of 12 new paintings, 12 x 12, for the December show at the gallery, named "Twelve Days of Christmas".  I've decided to call my exhibit "The Christmas Quilt".  Phase 1 is finished, and will dry for a couple of days while I work on the daisies!  Perfect timing!   I'm doing 15 so that I have extras.  I'm doing them all at once, like an assembly line process.  Like a quilt, the use of colors will be repeated throughout.  Each piece will be great alone, as well as the entire series displayed together will look like a complete quilt, quilting stitches and all!

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