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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Working hard on my large project - three paintings in progress - only one photo turned out and I'm out of good light, so I'll just post the one that came out ok.  This is the blue heron at sunrise in the pond.  I started it today and got quite a bit done on it; it's 24 x 24.  I worked most of the water highlights with a palette knife - it was pretty fun.  I tried the brush and it was just smearing and muddying, so the palette knife was the perfect solution.

I also worked on another new one of the blue heron just as he's starting to fly out of the tree.  He actually dive-bombed into the pond, got a fish, and flew right over my head with it!  I got photos of that too!  Very cool!

So, now there are three in progress, all to be finished this week!  I can do this!  They're going smoothly, and I'll probably only need one more sitting with them.

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