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Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Wetlands

I went to the wetlands this morning to take pics - it's gorgeous there; I live very close to a protected area.  I paid close attention this time to how obvious it is that we humans live here too!  I've done several paintings from these wetlands, and have always wanted them to look un-spoiled, wild, and fresh, so I've removed things like houses in the background, fences, sprinkler lines, reflections of telephone poles and electrical lines in the ponds.  I was surprised at how much we impact the area, even though it's protected.  I wonder if we really protect an area by adding sprinkler lines, etc.  Although the area is protected, we have re-routed it to make room for our homes.  And I don't get political!  Just saying....

Anyway, I was looking for a blue heron, and found one.  I took photos; he wasn't in a good position for the painting I want to create, but every photo is a good reference for color, etc.  He flew off, and I tried to get a photo of that, but that didn't turn out well.  I have one of those from a previous photo hunt, tho!  I've came across a squirrel who was nice enough to pose for me.  Lots of smaller birds - scrub jays, red-winged blackbirds, etc.  Most of them are so fast it's hard to get photos!  I was out there from about 6:30 to 8:30 - walked about 5 miles or so - a slow walk so it didn't feel like a trek.  It was very fun, and I'll be going out again tomorrow to a friends ranch which is pretty wild.  The cattle and horses are an added feature out there!  This ranch is where I got my first photos of a blue heron, tho, and I'm hoping to find another one as well as the white egret.  They're so cool, they seem prehistoric to me.

I've taken on a project which will keep me crazy busy for a couple of weeks.  I had planned to try to do another workshop in September, but will have to postpone til October, and even that is tentative.  I hate to disappoint, but can't be helped!

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