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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Oak in the Morning Sun

I'm once again looking forward to Preview Thursday and 2nd Saturday!  I just love it!  I hope to be able to finish the two paintings I'm working on - the one of the cupcake, and the new one I just started this afternoon of the Oak in the Morning Sun.  Work is taking up lots of my time these days, which in some ways is good, but cuts into my painting time!  That's not good.  However, I'm not yet to the point where my art sales are enough that Bob can retire, then becoming my driver/cabana-boy, which he has been made aware is my plan for his retirement!  LOL!

Anyway, here's the initial sketch of Oak in the Morning Sun:

I had started another painting on this canvas and didn't like it, so I wiped off the paint, which left a nice grey ground.  I usually like to use a brighter ground, but I like this so far!  Against grey, brights look very bright, and there's lots of sunlight colors on the oak that I hope to bring to the fore!  I was tempted to go ahead and start putting paint on, but I knew I would run out of time and light, so it'll have to wait.  I'm planning to have it finished in time for Preview Thursday!

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