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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

White Egret in Progress

It's so much fun to paint!  I just love it!  I worked on WHITE EGRET IN THE WETLANDS today - I'll post the photos of the progress.  The first one is the way it looked after the first sitting with it.  The White Egret hadn't arrived yet!  I had taken photos of the ponds with and then photos of the birds, so I'm adding the egret in where I want him - artistic license!  This one seems to be one of those which will require several sittings.  I've had two now, and I'm pretty sure it'll take two more at least.

This is the one I started on the first day of the CAST Tour - my "studio" set up at Kennedy Gallery Art Center.

This is today after working on the painting, and adding the White Egret in.  As a PIP (painting in progress), it's looking nice so far!

Painting with the music playing, quiet otherwise, peaceful.  I hope this is what heaven is like!

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