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Thursday, May 19, 2011

I'm back!

I've decided to get back to blogging!  I've been so busy for the last year!  I'm now working part time in our store (OK Tires in Folsom), doing the books.  I'm usually finished there sometime between 11 and 1, so there's usually plenty of time for painting and events, although this month is very busy with my art!  The Kennedy Gallery, where I've become one of the resident artists, is having the 20-20 show, the Folsom Arts Association's Members Show is at the 3 Stages Folsom Lake College, Northern California Dance Conservatory's Synthesis show is this weekend, and I'll be displaying some pieces in the hallway, hosted by Gemini Jewelry Gallery in Folsom starting Wednesday!  Whew!

Here's a photo of my display at Kennedy Gallery for the 20-20 Show.

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