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Thursday, November 12, 2009


I'm posting an "in progress" photo of Bob's and Chrissy's paintings - they're coming along.  I'll be starting on another mailbox painting hopefully tomorrow - I had almost forgotten about that series!  I plan to have a show next year; I don't have details yet, but will certainly let you know.

The shoe series should be finished by the end of the year, and I've decided to hold the originals for my show, but I have prints available.  The series is designed to all go together, so that's the way I'd like to show them.  They will look great in my show!  I have the shoes now for the final painting, and will be starting on that painting very soon!

I'm still waiting for the rest of the pictures of THE guitar, so when I get those, I'll be starting on the musical instrument series.  I'm really looking forward to that!


  1. The dog picture is darling. I can't even draw a stick figure well. sigh

    I can knit and crochet, but can't paint or draw a thing.

  2. Thank you Sandy; it's a gift for my husband, and he loves it! We call our dogs our canine children.

    I enjoy knitting and crocheting too, when I have time and energy!