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Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Here it is - Regal is finished!  That is number 4 of 5 in Phase I of the "Goin' for THE LOOK" Series.  Next will be the black one - I think we can all relate to black heels!  Women - because we wear them, men - because they like them.   Part of THE LOOK is, of course, the purse, which will be Phase II.

The other series I'll be starting is the musical instrument series.  I'm still milling ideas around for the title of the series, but so far the best one is "Art & Soul".  I like that.  They kind of go together.  I'm very excited about the first one, which is that fabulous guitar, the  '59 Gibson L5!  I just got more pictures today, and will be getting even more, so who knows, I might have to do more than one!  It's a gorgeous guitar!  There's lots of sentimental attachment involved in an instrument like this; it's been loved, and is part of a family history with wonderful memories surrounding it.  I look forward very much to painting it.

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