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Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I had a fabulous time at the American Visions Gallery last Saturday; the Michael Goddard show was really fun.  He has alot of personality, and obviously has fun with his art.

I finally finished the painting of the Mehrten Ranch House; it's a comission piece, and I think they will like it.  They've waited a while for it, but not as long as Bob has waited for his painting of Pepper!  (For those who don't know Pepper, he's our canine son!)  At least I have the sketch of it on the canvas, and it's going to be started this week.  It has Pepper when he was a puppy, along with his big brother, Buddy, who was a fabulous dog who isn't with us any more.

I'll be doing the sketch of the purple shoe, along with Chrissy's Caterpiller this afternoon and evening.  It sure has been good to be able to get around and stand up to paint again!  My foot is healing nicely.

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